Interactive Calendar

Our interactive calendar may take a few moments to load, and will do so below. You can scroll through the coming weeks and months to view details on our Thursday socials, brewery trips and other events to which you are always welcome.

You can simply click on each event to get more details, such as location etc. You can also add our events calendar to your own calendar so you don't miss important events.

To subscribe to this calendar, simply click on 'Google Calendar' icon at the bottom of the calendar. Our Calendar will then show in amongst your own Gmail Calendar, as soon as we update the calendar, it will be synced straight to your devices!

Don't worry, if you dont have a Gmail Account, this calendar can also be synced within your other Calendar programmes such as Outlook, or even on Mac and iOS devices. Simply follow the guides below for either Mac or Windows:

When it asks for the iCal address, simply right click and copy this link