The Good Beer Guide

The Good Beer Guide is CAMRA's flagship annual publication. It is the truly independant pub and beer guide for which the entries are chosen by local CAMRA branches and not paid for by the pubs themselves. Click on the picture of the guide to the right to learn more about the guide.

So Why Isn't My Local in the Guide? or How it Works

It's fairly straight forward really, a Good Beer Guide entry must serve real ale in consistently good condition. The entries in the guide are those pubs which we recommend to anyone, locals and visitors alike with confidence that they will get a good pint of real ale no matter what time of the week they visit. The pub does not have to have twelve hand pumps, in fact this can compomise quality due to lack of throughput.

South Bedfordshire
Every year we ask our members to nominate any pubs that they feel are potentially good enough to make it into the guide. The South Bedfordshire branch gets only 22 spaces and with well over 200 pubs in the South Bedfordshire branch, we have our work cut out in choosing the entries. Nominations can be sent to us at any time of the year. If a pub that we don't know very well or haven't been to recently is nominated than we will make every effort to visit it as a branch before the January branch meeting when the voting takes place. Entries do not have to be just pubs, hotels and clubs can be entered so long as they allow card carrying members in without charge.

At the January branch meeting we whittle down the nominations by voting (we do accept votes from members by email or post). We choose our top 22 plus some reserves. Volunteers are then despatched to the chosen pubs to complete a full survey. The survey details are then loaded onto an on-line database for publication in the next guide.

The Guide is released in mid September.

To nominate a pub, write to the branch Secretary with your membership number and tell us why you think it deserves a place in the guide.