Branch Contacts

The people in these 'Branch Representative' pages form part of the current South Bedfordshire CAMRA Branch Committee.

Please feel free to email any of us or approach us if you see us in your pub. Landlords, you can always try a bribe of good ale/cider for that extra bit of publicity!

Roy Chatto - Chairman
Mike Coombes

- Secretary

Gordon Beech

- Magazine Editor

John Coombes

- Membership Secretary

Paul Sharp

- Trips Secretary

Steve Pullan

- Social Secretary

Graeme Halls

- Webmaster/Social Media


Mike Coombes

- Luton Beer Festival Organiser

Dave Oakley

- Pubs Protection Officer

Mike Coombes

- Branch Contact

Publicity Officer

- Position Vacant

Young Members Contact

- Position Vacant


- Vince Hasker

As you can see, there are a few roles that are currently vacant and we are always seeking volunteers to fill these roles and join us on the committee. If you are interested in either the Publicity Officer role or Young Members Contact, and want more information, please contact Mike Coombes.

Brewery Liason Officers

We are lucky enough in South Beds, to have a number of really good Breweries, most of which have only opened in the last few years. As a result, CAMRA Volunteers has Brewery Liason Officers.

These 'Liason Officers' act as the point of contact between CAMRA and the Brewery themselves for all CAMRA related matters, including liasing visiting branches who are arranging trips, to awards presentations.

Please see below for the list of 'Officers' for the 3 Breweries in the South Beds Area:

Graeme Halls
Barry Webb
Mike Coombes